ACES by stc

ACES by STC Mission

To create a fun, challenging environment where players get the opportunity to improve towards their potential athletically, mentally, tactically, and technically. We endeavour to help athletes become confident competitors using fun, creative, purposeful practices and games.

ACES by STC Philosophy

To create a lifelong love and passion for the game of Tennis by developing the person, player and performer, by practicing our key values and skills in every session.


Develop athletic skills relevant for Tennis, which will also transfer to other sports.

Skills and mindset : An athletic warrior look and mindset, Agility, Dynamic balance, Co ordination, Speed, Strength, Flexibility, Stability, Endurance, Anticipation, Reaction, Movement quality, All court game


Sessions are competitive; confidence and competence are developed through game play.  The vision is for players to represent STC in team Tennis events, and compete in external LTA competitions.

Skills and mindset : Competing for every point, Valuing every ball, Inner drive, Determination, Resilience, Self belief, Self awareness, Problem solving, Emotional intelligence, Game understanding 


Players are challenged to excel mentally, physically, tactically and technically.

Skills and mindset: Desire to run for every ball, Focus, Deal with adversity, Positive body language, Work ethic, Responsibility, Accountability, Open mindedness, Consistent habits.


Players will compete fairly and honestly, acknowledge good play, and behave respectfully towards themselves, their opponents, their team mates, their coaches/hitting partners, and the environment. They will learn and grow from the challenges faced in competition. 

ACES by STC Benefits :

  • Train at least twice weekly
  • Guaranteed 1 focus squad session per week
  • Guaranteed 1 athletic development/match play session per week
  • Access to “buddy scheme” – extra hitting practice with our junior assistant coaches
  • Bespoke goal setting
  • Regular player updates and communication from coach to parent
  • Regular relevant competition
  • ACES STC membership – conditions apply
  • Optional private lessons with most experienced STC coaches

ACES by STC Highlights to Date :

  • On going player development and enjoyment by playing multiple times a week
  • Great friendships on and off the court
  • Links between STC and other clubs across the county for friendly team challenge events
  • Players competing regularly in LTA competitions
  • Semi finalists in LTA grade 5 competition Multiple LTA grade 4,5&6 winners / runners up in different age categories and a 3rd placed player in an LTA grade 3 event.
  • LTA youth league division 2 u8 and u9 winners
  • LTA youth league division 2 u10 runners up
  • Multiple successful team challenge competitions vs other like-minded clubs. 
  • Players invited to Yorkshire county training sessions
  • The regular awarding of our 4 trophies for consistent excellence; athlete trophy, competitor trophy, coaches award, and team players

Coming SOON!

Additional ACES by STC training groups for younger athletes, juniors and adults.

Places in ACES by STC are by invitation.

Please call or message Jonny 07795 516498 to discuss your child’s place in the ACES programme.